We offer the right feature

Build your Home & Decor Store that amazed your customers with plenty of styles and unique concepts.
Let your customer know what exactly they get when they buy. Just be trendy with your
Innovative designs and patterns from the furniture industry.

Live Home Trail

Present a beneficial offer to your customer to experience a unique furniture or floor covering and visualize home décor.

Shop by Style/ Room

It will allow users to shop by understanding their room’s size & interior design.

Project Tracking

This will help your customer to track their furniture starting from manufacturing to delivery and installations.

Bulk Pricing & Discount Matrix

Control easily to manage promotions with bulk orders, pricing or configure discount rules that are relevant to bulk purchase.

Design my Room

By providing this service, you will get a chance to grow the selling and bulked deals with a complete designer look of a room or style.

Installation Services

Build up a trustworthy relationship with your customer by providing end-to-end furniture installation services to your customers.

Furniture Website Design

Furniture design experts help customers to design their dream furniture websites.

Home Decor Personalize Cart

This will give your customer a chance to customize their needs.

Multiple Channel Options

You can connect with multi-channel like B2B, B2C & Marketplace sites.


Magento an E-commerce success tool

Magento is acknowledged globally for its substantial performance, unrivalled security, advanced capabilities and many more. Magento undoubtedly brings enthrall online shopping experience to your store.


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